About Meridian Aero


We are committed to providing a quality and cost effective solutions to meet your helicopter maintenance requirements.

Our focus is to acquire high quality spares through purchasing serviceable aircraft and reducing them to spares.  In addition, we purchase excess inventory from operators.

All serviceable parts are inspected, repaired or overhauled at Transport Canada, FAA or EASA approved maintenance organizations.

We aim to delight our customers by providing exceptional customer service and the parts they need.

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Current Projects

Our company values the products and quality of the parts we offer. Each part includes a detailed history file, pictures and certificate.

  • Project 17

    760490 76C+
    Purchased 2019
    Previously C-GMNB
  • Project 16

    760468 76C+
    Purchased 2019
    Previously C-FXXV
  • Project 15

    760466 76C+
    Purchased 2019
    Previously C-GLAY

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